Marble Blast Map Splitter

A cross-platform map splitting program using C++. This program uses the DSATUR map-splitting algorithm, with an implementation written by Whirligig231.

Basic Usage

The most basic usage of this tool is just dropping map files onto the executable/application directly from your file manager.

For Windows users, simply drop .map files onto MBMapSplitter.exe and they will be split in the same directory.

For Mac OS X users, simply drop .map files onto and they will be split in the same manner.

Command-Line Usage

MBMapSplitter <map file> [-e export file [-p prefix]]

-e <export file>

Add these flags to specify a .cs file where the map splitter will output a formatted list of InteriorInstances ready for you to copy+paste into your .mis file. These will all be at the origin (0 0 0) and should all have the same position if you move them.

-p <prefix>

Add these flags to specify a prefix to be appended to the InteriorInstance paths written to the export file. By default they will just reference the current directory:

interiorFile = "Mapname-0.dif";
With this option you can customize that to have a directory:
interiorFile = "path/to/interiors/Mapname-0.dif";


You can download this tool using the links below for your platform:

On Mac OS X 10.9+, you may need to bypass Gatekeeper to run the application bundle. Simply right click (or hold control and click) the application and select "Open" from the contextual menu.

Source Code

You can download the source code for MBMapSplitter here.